Qualifying for 2019 Nationals

The 2018 State Games are the qualifiers for the 2019 National Senior Games to be held in Albuquerque, NM, in June 2017. Ours is an "open games" which means out of state athletes may compete and qualify.

In order for an athlete to qualify for the Nationals, the following rules apply:

  • In most sports, in their age group event, the top four Idaho athletes will qualify.  (The exceptions are tennis, top three, golf, first only, all triathletes qualify)
  • Out of state athletes cannot take a qualifying spot away from an Idaho athlete. An out of state athlete must finish in the top four (or three) to qualify. This is called "qualifying down".
  • Any athlete may qualify by meeting the Minimum Performance Standard for their event. (See the NSG Rulebook).
  • In doubles, if a partner is out of state, the team will be considered out of state.
  • "Reciprocal qualification" rules apply to cycling and race-walk. "Bonus event" rules apply to swimming. See the NSGA rule book, page 50.