2019 Schedule by Event

Please note: Sports are broken down into two levels of participation - Gold and Silver. Silver registration may participate in two Silver level sports. Gold registration may participate in one Gold level and 1 Silver level or 2 Gold level sports. (If Power Walk is your only event, please sign up separately in the Silver category for a reduced fee)

Registration deadline is August 1st. (Some sports will permit later registration for an additional $10) 

Gold: Basketball  |  Cycling  |  Pickleball  |  Racquetball  |  5K/10K Run/Walk  |  Swimming  |  Tennis  |  Track & Field

Silver: Archery |  Badminton Billiards - 8 Ball  |  Bowling  |  Power Walk | Shuffleboard  |  Table Tennis

Stand AloneGolf  |  Softball 60+ |  Bocce Ball | Triathlon

ARCHERY [Silver]

Where: Ten Mile and McMillan, 1/4 mile south to Elk Bugle Lane to end of road
When: Saturday, August 10th, 9:00am
Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: Kim and Richard Boyack
             208-869-2271  KIBRDB@aol.com

Competition is a 900 round consisting of 90 arrows from 40, 50 and 60 yds.

Archery Events:
    Recurve - with sights
    Barebow recurve - no sights
    Compound fingers - with sights
    Barebow compound - no sights
    Compound release





Where: Fort Boise Community Center, 700 N. Robbins Rd, Boise
When:  Saturday August 17th 9:00AM

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: Thressa Fogleman 208-599-4069  stressa777@yahoo.com

Events: Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles


Where: Home Court, 936 Taylor Ave, Meridian, ID 83642  208-288-4400
When: Sunday, August 4th, 9:00AM
Event Coordinator: Denny Smith 208-866-1520  playhoops@juno.com

Registration Fee:
Check individual registration form

3-on-3 team men: Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 players per team. Teams will be created based on participants in attendance. Two age groups 50-59 and 60+. Teams may sign up as a group.

Basketball Events:

    Free Throw       9:00 AM
    Spot 3 Point    10:00AM
    3-on-3 Team   11:00AM 

The gym will be open at 8:00AM




BILLIARDS - 8 Ball [Silver]

Where: The Pocket, 1487 N. Curtis Rd., Boise
When: Saturday, August 10th, 11:00am

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: Sam Yost    (208) 720-8858

Tournament follows BCA rules, ball in hand. A round robin or double elimination tournament will be played depending on the number of players. We want everyone to be able to shoot a lot of pool. Arrive 30 minutes early for warm-up.



BOCCE BALL [Stand Alone]

Where: Municipal Park, 500 S.Walnut, Boise
When: Saturday, August  3rd, 9:00am

Registration Fee: $15.00

Event Coordinator: Radenne English - englir@cableone.net 208-362-0404

Events: 50+ open doubles  You will select your partner when you register. If you don't have a partner, we'll find one for you.







BOWLING [Silver]

Shiro Ismai Bowling Tournament
Where: Emerald Lanes,4860 W. Emerald St, Boise
When: Saturday, August 17th, 1:00pm
            Sunday August 18th, 1:00pm

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: Al Panas 208-870-4428 (c) 208-344-2695 (b) al@alanpanas.com

Events: Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles





Murray Ward Cycling Competition

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form

Event Coordinator:  Stewart Hyndman 208-461-8877 tinlizzy99@gmail.com


Cycling Course Location

S. Cole Rd. & Hubbard/10 Mile Creek Rd.

5k Time Trial       Saturday, August  3, 9:00AM


40k Road Race     Saturday, August 3, 10:00AM 


10k Time Trial       Sunday, August 4, 9:00AM


20k Road Race     Sunday, August 4, 10:00AM





GOLF [Stand Alone]

Elwin Grout Memorial Golf Tournament

Where: Boise Ranch Golf Course, 6501 S. Cloverdale Rd., Boise
When: Thursday, August 8th; 8:00am Check-in, 9:00am Shotgun Start
Event Coordinator: Michael Thornton    (208) 866-8129 thorntongolf@hotmail.com

Event Fee:
$60 - includes 18 holes, cart, lunch
$45 - includes 18 holes, lunch
$35 - (Players with Boise Ranch pass) - includes 18 holes, cart, lunch
$20 - (Players with Boise Ranch pass) - includes 18 holes, lunch

Additional Fee: $10.00 fee for non-playing person to attend lunch.

Format: Individual medal play.
Prizes: Closest to the Pin on all 5 par 3 holes, Longest Drive

All golfers must provide their own clubs and golf balls.
































Where: Settlers Park, 3245 N. Meridian Rd, Meridian,  ID

When: Friday August  23, 8:00am Men's Singles, Women's Doubles
            Saturday August  24, 8:00am Mixed Doubles
            Sunday August 25 8:00am Women's Singles, Men's Doubles

Registration Fee: Regular Pickleball Registration ($40 Gold) will be closed August 1st.  The fee will increase to $50 through August 13th.  If you must cancel, you  must let us know by August 13th.

Event Coordinator: Bill Wallace  209-499-1206  mfdx3@msn.com
                                  Boise Area Pickleball Association


Pickleball Events:
    Mixed Doubles

This will be a double elimination tournament that will be refereed according to the rules and regulations of the International Federation of Pickleball which have been adopted by the Unites States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA). USAPA has sanctioned the tournament as a Tier Level IV. The Franklin X40 Outdoor ball will be used. Sign-up for as many events as you like: singles, doubles or mixed doubles. When registering, you will be asked for your partner's name, or you may invite a partner or indicate no partner yet.

Players must be members of the USAPA. You will asked for your USAPA Member Number when registering. Please update your profile on usapa.org.

You will asked for your USAPA rating. This is an age-based tournament but in groups with enough players brackets will consider skill ratings.

Go to https://www.pickleballtournaments.com/welcome.pl?tid=2922see current list of participants.

For more information on Pickleball
    USAPA www.usapa.org
     Boise Pickleball Club https://boisepickleballclub.org/
     Boise Area Pickleball Association http://www.boiseareapickleball.org/

Watch this video of USAPA Nationals Open Singles Final



 POWER WALK  [Silver]

Where:  Timberline High School, 701 E. Boise Ave, Boise
When: Saturday, August 17th, 8:00am

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: See Track and Field

NEW THIS YEAR!! Power Walking is the newest event in the National Games. Its 1500 meters, four times around the track. Its like Race Walking but much less technical. You must lead with your heel and you can bend your knees. You must have a foot on the ground at all times, no running allowed. This is a monitored event. Failure to follow the rules can result in a warning or disqualification. If you can walk, you can Power Walk! For more about this fun event, see http://www.uspwa.org/welcome-to-uspwa.html

You can sign up for Power Walk two ways: (1) as an event in the Track and Field menu if you are doing other events, or (2) as a stand-alone in the Silver Category.



Where: Crunch Meridian 1450 E. Fairview Ave, Meridian

When: Friday August 16, 6:00pm
            Saturday August 17, 9:00am

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form

Registration Deadline Aug 1st.  Late registrations will be subject to fee of $10.
No event-day registrations will be accepted.

Event Coordinators:
    David Slonaker slonakers@att.net  208-949-6031

Racquetball Events:
    Mixed doubles

Eye protection is mandatory. Athletes must also provide their own racquet with wrist tie and gloves. You may sign up for singles or doubles. Please indicate your partner on your registration form. All partners must also be registered for the Idaho Senior Games.



RUN/WALK - 5K or 10K [Gold]

Where: Boise Greenbelt at Glenwood & Marigold; 6000 Glenwood St, Garden City
             Behind the Library
When: Saturday, August  3rd - 9:00am 10K; 9:15am 5K

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: Angie Jackson  208-484-4936

Athletes choose one event. Each course is an out-and-back. Athletes may run or walk.





Where: Meadow Lake Village, 4037 Clocktower Lane, Meridian
When: Saturday, August 10th , 8:30am
            Sunday, August 11th,  8:30am

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: John Houser    (509) 552-5168

Shuffleboard Events:
    Any Doubles



SOFTBALL [Stand Alone]

Where: Willow Lane Athletic Complex, 4623 Willow Lane, Boise
When:   Saturday and Sunday August 10th and 11th  8:00AM

This is a "Draft" Tournament; players will register individually and be "drafted" to a team at the Draft Party on  Wednesday night, August 7, 5-8PM at  Crescent Bar and Grill, 5500 Frankln Rd. Registration fee: $30.00 includes July 31st Bar-b-que and T-Shirt

All metal and composit bats allowed, 5 game gaurantee, ASA rules

You must be 60+ as of 12/31/19

Registration Deadline:  August 1st

Event Coordinator: Mike Thornton    (208) 861-8000

For details, see the Softball Flyer 




Where: Borah Pool, 801 Aurora, Boise
When: Friday, August 2, 8:00am warmup, 8:30 start

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: Kerri Porritt  208-608-7683

Maximum of six (6) events per swimmer. Pool will have a warm-up lane available 8:00am. Award ceremony will begin immediately following the final event.

Click here for the competition schedule


Swimming Events

Breaststroke 50 yds
Breaststroke 100 yds
Breaststroke 200 yds
Butterfly 50 yds
Butterfly 100 yds

Butteryfly 200 yds
Individual Medley 100 yds
Individual Medley 200 yds

Individual Medley 400 yds

Backstroke 50 yds
Backstroke 100 yds
Backstroke 200 yds
Freestyle 50 yds
Freestyle 100 yds
Freestyle 200 yds
Freestyle 500 yds





Where: Crunch Firtness (Idaho Athletic Club), 875 South Plaza Drive, Eagle
When: Saturday, August  3, 1:00-3:00pm
Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: Dirgha Khatri    (208) 859-4312

You may register for as many table tennis events as you like.

Table tennis Events:
    Mixed doubles




Where: Eagle Tennis Club, 1650 E. Riverside Dr, Eagle
When:  Friday August 16th  6:00PM
             Saturday, August 17th, 8:00am
             Sunday, August 18th, 8:00am

Click here for Tennis Start Times & Draws

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form

Registration Deadline August  1st. Fee for late registrations will be $50.
NO event-day registrations will be accepted.

Event Coordinator: Ken Azbill    (208) 230-1663

You may compete in two events: singles, doubles or mixed doubles.

Participants may play up to two matches per day in each event entered. Be sure to look ahead to determine when you could be competing if you advance in the tournament. If competing in doubles and/or mixed doubles, please indicate your partner on your registration form. All partners must also be registered for the Idaho Senior Games.




Triathlon [Stand Alone]

Since 2019 is a non-qualifying year for the National Senior Games, you may participate
in any triathlon and submit your results to us.

We suggest the Gar Hackney Y-Not Triathlon on July 13th at Esther Simplot Park.

For more information contact Allison Evaro 208-344-5502  ext280







Bill Platts Track & Field Meet

Where:  Timberline High School, 701 E. Boise Ave, Boise
When: Saturday, August 17th, 8:00am

Registration Fee: Check individual registration form
Event Coordinator: Mike Thornton 208-861-8000

All track and field events will begin at 8:00am.

Some running events will take place simultaneously if there is no competition within an age group.

All events will be run from youngest to oldest. Some events such as the 1500 and 800 will compete simultaneously if not enough participants in an age group. Field events will be run in an open pit format.

Maximum number of events is 6

Field Events


Standing Long Jump
Pole Vault


Long Jump
Softball throw
Shot Put



High Jump
Triple Jump
Football throw



Running Events


1500m Run


1500m Power Walk 


50m run


1500 Race Walk


100m Run


400m Run


800m Run


200m Run